ITAS Buddhism and Science Series, Volume One

Volume editor: Artur Przybysławski



  • Interview with Lama Ole Nydahl, Buddhism and Science

Part One

  • Burkhard Scherer, Mahayana Philosophy and Mahamudra. An Historical Outline
  • Artur Przybysławski, Can a Buddhist Take a Bath in the River? Buddhist Ideas and the Origin of European Culture

Part Two

  • René Staritzbichler, Buddhism and Physics
  • Guido Czeija, Is the Moon There When Nobody Looks? Quantum Physics and Reality
  • Kenneth Maly, Particles? In space? Questions Converging Buddhism and New Physics
  • Emilia Nesheva and Nikolai Neshev, Non-dualistic Interpretation of Quantum Theory

Part Three

  • Peter Malinowski, The Mind, The Buddha and The Brain
  • René Staritzbichler, The Elephant in the Garden. Brief Discussion about some Essential Points of Brain Research


  • Lama Ole Nydahl, Happiness

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